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Urethane Coatings

Urethane flooring provides a tough and resilient finish as well as providing UV resistance. Urethanes are UV Stable as well as UV blocking, meaning they reduce the amount of UV light that travels through them. This is especially helpful over epoxy flooring as epoxy is not UV stable. With a polyurethane coat over an epoxy coat, the floor is now UV stable and can be used in exterior applications.

Urethanes can also be used on bare concrete to provide a tough durable and UV stable clear coat. This is perfect for hone and seal applications where you need a tough and low maintenance finish to handle the wear and tear of both residential and commercial environments.

We currently stock the following Urethane Coatings:

Solvent Based

Armourthane - CCS

Armourgard - CCS

Uracryl - Resene

Flakeguard 63 - On-Crete


Decrathane - CCS

E8480 - AI Coatings

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