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Single Pack Sealers

We currently stock numerous different types of Single Pack Sealers. We stock both solvent and water based sealers. Solvent based sealers with typically enhance the finish of the concrete to a wet look. Water based sealers on the other hand will retain the natural concrete look. 

One thing to note with this type of topical sealer is that the pores of the surface will be filled by the coating, leaving a smooth finish that resists holding dirt and grim. this also leads to a high slip factor. If you are looking to install this on a slope you may wish to add some non slip particles throughout the coating to decrease the risk of slipping.


We currently stock the following Single Pack Sealers:

Solvent Based:

  • Hi Build Enduro Gloss - CCS
  • Hi Build Enduro Matte - CCS
  • Colourmaster Gloss - CCS
  • Omega Concrete Sealer - APCO
  • Concreshield X Clear Gloss - Shieldcoat
  • Concreshield X Coloured Gloss - Shieldcoat

Water Based:

  • Omega WB Concrete Sealer - APCO
  • Eco Seal - Eco Shield
  • Non Skid Deck & Path - Resene


For more information on pricing and availability please call us on 07 5451 0856