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Epoxy Coatings

If your looking for a tough, durable and long lasting finish, then epoxy may be what your looking for. Epoxies have an extremely high mechanical and chemical resistance are used extensively in commercial environments. Epoxies are also well suited for domestic use if you are wanting a surface that will last a long time and have low maintenance.

One thing to note about epoxies is that they are not UV stable, meaning they will yellow and chalk under UV light and sunlight. To remedy this you can simply apply a coat of Polyurethane over the epoxy to stabilize it.

We currently stock the following Epoxy Coatings:

Solvent Based

  • Sikafloor 263/264 - Sika
  • Sikafloor 264 T Texture - Sika
  • Sikafloor 94 GP Resin- Sika
  • Ultra Epoxy - CCS
  • Liquid Marble Self Leveling - Real World Epoxies
  •  SV110 GP Resin - On-Crete
  • SV115 Rollcoat - On-Crete

Water Based

  • E2100 - A&I Coatings
  • Ultra Epoxy WB - CCS


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